My father is from Pakistan and the first big trip I recall taking as a child was to his hometown of Karachi. I can still remember the smell of city smoke and spice, watching camels walk along the beaches, standing in thousand-year-old mosques, eating cool pomegranate seeds in the equatorial heat, and the colorful four-day affair of my  favorite uncle’s wedding. I feel incredibly fortunate to have traveled at a young age. As an adult, I made it a personal goal to leave the U.S. every year. Up next is a whirlwind Euro tour: Germany, Czechia, Switzerland, and Iceland!

I can't say that I've have a favorite trip, but perhaps the most impactful was visiting Australia. It was an adventure that I'd been planning since childhood. The continent’s other-worldly flora and fauna have fascinated me for as long as I can remember, so diving the Great Barrier Reef and interacting with turtles, sharks, wombats, kangaroos, and echidnas were moments I will treasure the rest of my life. 

The universe is wider than our views of it.

Henry David Thoreau